Chemistry 201 Syllabus

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Syllabus - Subject to Change
Aug 27th TuesTOPIC: Introductions, Course Description, Policies and Procedures.
Review of Basic Chemistry
Classification of Matter
Units of Measurement
Uncertainty in Measurement
Dimensional Analysis
Pre-Course Assessment: You will be given a short multiple choice test that will NOT be used for your grade but will help you determine if you have the prerequisites needed for this course. You will be provided with your score. You will then be able to decide how best to succeed in the course.
Review: Course Objectives for Basic Chemistry - the prerequisite for this course.
Review Worksheet
Answers to Review Worksheet
Memorize: Names and Formulas of the Polyatomic Ions
Activities: Complete Student Interview, Review of Basic Chemistry Powerpoint
General Chemistry Lecture One Powerpoint
Aug 29th ThursTOPIC: Nomenclature of Polyatomic Ions. Density Problems, Atomic Numbers, Mass Numbers, Isotopes, Isotopic Notation, Atomic Mass.Review Drills, Ch. 1
View Laboratory Equipment
LAB: Check-In, Lab Safety Rules, Lab Safety Video, Drawing Activity, Density Demos
Sept 3rd TuesTOPIC: Periodic Table, Classifying Compounds, Inorganic NomenclatureReview Drills, Ch. 2
The Mystery of Matter: Unruly Elements
Isotopic Abundance, Periodic Groups, Grams/Moles, Nomenclature, Percent Composition, Empirical Formula
Sept 5th ThursTOPIC: Problem Solving PracticeReview Drills, Ch. 2, Ch. 3
Quiz 1: Density, Empirical Formulas, Lab Safety, Isotopic Notation, Ionic Formulas and Names
Exp 1: Measurement and Density
Sept 10thTOPIC: Chemical Equations and StoichiometryCh. 3 & Hmwk 1-5
Stoichiometry Map
Sept 12th ThursQuiz 2: Balancing Reactions, Classifying Reactions, PPT Reactions with Spectator IonsCh. 3 & Hmwk 1-5
Exp 2: Separation of a Three Component Mixture
Sept 17th TuesTOPIC: Redox Reactions
Solution Stoichiometry
Acid/Base & Precipitation Reactions
Ch. 4 & Hmwk 6-10
Reaction Classification, Oxidation State Changes
Sept 19th ThursTOPIC: Problem Solving PracticeCollection of Homework Set One
EXAM 1: Ch 1-4
Sept 24th TuesTOPIC: Thermochemistry. Specific Heat. Heat Transfer. Enthalpy. Heat of Reaction Calculations.
The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics
Ch. 5 & Hmwk 15-17
Notes on Thermochemistry
Sept 26th ThursTOPIC:  Hydrates 
Quiz 3: Specific Heat, Heat Transfer
Exp 3: Hydrate Experiment
Oct 1st TuesTOPIC: Thermochemistry. Bond Energy. Heat of Formation. Hess's LawCh. 5 & Hmwk 15-17
Oct 3rd ThursdayTOPIC: Titration Techniques 
Quiz 4: Heat of Solution, Heats of Formation, Stoichiometry of Enthalpy, Bond Energies
Exp 4: Calculation of Molarity of Phosphoric Acid by Titration with Sodium Hydroxide
Oct 8th TuesTOPIC: Electronic Structure of Atoms. History of Atomic Theory. Light. Quantum Theory.Ch. 6 & Hmwk 18
Oct 10th ThursTOPIC: Describing Precipitates. Spectator Ions. 
Quiz 5: Hess's Law, frequency and wavelength, E=hf, Light vocabulary matching
Exp 5: Double Displacement Reactions
Oct 15th TuesTOPIC Periodic Properties of the Elements. Aufbau principle. Periodic Trends.Ch. 7 (7.1-7.5)
Activity: Graphing Ionization Energies
Oct 17th ThursProblem Solving PracticeCollection of Homework Set Two
EXAM 2: Ch 5-7
Oct 22nd TuesTOPIC: Basic Concepts of Chemical Bonding. Lewis Dot Structures. Formal Charge.Ch. 8 & Hmwk 19
Oct 24th ThursTOPIC: Activity Series 
Quiz 6
Exp 6: Single Displacement Reactions
Oct 29th TuesTOPIC: Molecular Geometry and Bonding TheoriesCh. 9 (9.1-9.7)
Activity:  Molecular Geometry and Shape
Oct 31st  
Quiz 7
Exp 7: Analysis of KHP by Titration with Sodium Hydroxide
Nov 5th TuesTOPIC: Gases. Gas pressure, volume and temperature. Ideal Gas Law.Ch. 10 & Hmwk 11-14
Nov 7th Thurs 
Quiz 8
Exp 8: Calorimetry
Nov 12thTOPIC: Gases. Gas stoichiometry, gas mixtures, Kinetic-Molecular Theory of Gases.Ch. 10 & Hmwk 11-14
Nov 14th ThursProblem Solving PracticeCollection of Homework Set Three
EXAM 3: Ch 8-10
Nov 19th TuesTOPIC: Intermolecular Forces, Liquids and Solids. Phase Diagrams. Heating and Cooling CurvesCh. 11 (11.1 - 11.6) & Hmwk 21-22
Heating and Cooling Curves
Nov 21st ThursTOPIC:  
Quiz 9
Exp 9: Molecular Models
Nov 26th TuesTOPIC Properties of Solutions. Expressions of Concentration. Dilution Equation.Ch. 13 (13.1-13.5) &l Hmwk 24-25
Nov 28th ThursThanksgiving Holiday 
Dec 3rd TuesEXAM 4: Ch 11-13Collection of Homework Set Four
Dec 5th ThursProblem Solving Practice
Quiz 10
Exp 10: Gas Laws
Dec 10th TuesReview for Final Exam 
Dec 12th ThursFINAL EXAM