Chemistry 201

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Welcome to Chemistry 201 PQR taught by Prof. J. Walker Fall 2021. Class begins August 30th and ends December 15th.

Chemistry 201 - General Chemistry I   Course Catalog Description

Topics include the periodic table of the elements, atomic structure, basic concepts of quantum theory, bonding, stoichiometry of compounds and reactions, thermochemistry, the gaseous state, basic concepts of the liquid and solid states, solutions, acids and bases. Writing assignments, as appropriate to the discipline, are part of the course.

Prerequisite: Completion or concurrent enrollment in Mathematics 140 or higher and either Grade of C or better in Chemistry 121 or one year of high school chemistry.

4 lecture and 4 lab hours per week in a 16 week semester. 5 credit hours

Students may take this course to meet concentration or elective requirements for an Associate Degree, to fulfill requirements for a career occupational degree, or to prepare for other careers in the physical sciences or healthcare professions.

Note: Chemistry 201 has an IAI code of CHM 911. You can learn more about IAI by visiting iTransfer.

This course is taught synchronously using Zoom. Online attendance is required.


We will use Chemistry: Atoms First 2e by Flowers, Neth Robinson, Theopold and Langley. This book is available free as part of the openstax access project. Visit to learn more about

If the file size of the book is too large try downloading it in these four parts:


You will need to have a simple scientific calculator such as TI-30X for classwork and exams. There will also be a need for some typical household food items such as baking soda, white vinegar, salt, purple cabbage, calcium chloride and glycerin. These items will be used in laboratories. More details are contained within the experiments.


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