Physical Science 101 Grading Policy

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Grading Points
ActivityPoint DetailsOptionsTotal Points
Class Participation13 sessions @ 10 points eachdrop lowest score130
One to one meetings3 meetings @ 5 points eachrequired**15
Brightspace Discussion TopicsD1 - Introductions (5)
D2 - To be announced (25)
D3 - To be announced (25)
Chapter Quizzes24 @ 15 points eachdrop four lowest scores
two attempts allowed per quiz
Homework25 activities @ 5 points eachdrop five lowest scores100
Exam One50 questions @ 4 points eachrequired150
Exam Two50 questions @ 4 points eachrequired150
Final30 questionsrequired100
Grading Scale
Letter GradePercentage
Fbelow 600
ADW**Administrative Withdrawal
NSW***No Show Withdrawal


*"I" (Incomplete) are non-grades received by students who have actively pursued the course and are doing passing work at the end of the course, but who have not completed the course's final examination and/or other specific course assignments.

**ADW (Administrative Withdrawal). Any student who is not actively pursuing the course objectives will be administratively withdrawn from the course at mid-term. An ADW will be given if a student does not complete at least 50% of all assignments; exams; attend meetings, and participate in class prior to mid-term by the mid-term date.

***NSW (No Show Withdrawal). Any student who misses the first class and does not discuss with me the circumstances of this absense will be given an NSW.


Make-ups are not permitted for any assignments except the Midterm and the Final. Make-ups are ONLY permitted if an emergency is documented and the instructor approves the make-up. Some quizzes and homework assignments are dropped from the grade.

Academic Integrity: The City Colleges of Chicago is committed to the ideals of truth and honesty. In view of this, students are expected to adhere to high standards of honesty in their academic endeavor. Plagiarism and cheating of any kind are serious violations of these standards and will result, minimally, in the grade of “F’ by the instructor.

Student Conduct: City Colleges of Chicago students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which is considerate of the rights of others and which will not impair the educational mission of the College. Misconduct for which students are subject to College Discipline (e.g. expulsion) may include the following: (1) all forms of dishonesty such as stealing, forgery, (2) obstruction or disruption of teaching, research, administration, disciplinary proceeding, (3) physical or verbal abuse, threats, intimidation, harassment, and/or other conduct that threatens or endangers the health or safety of any person, and (4) carrying or possession of weapons, ammunition or other explosives.