English as a Foreign Language

SPIN Classes

Scientists and Pop Culture

Unit One: Scientists in Movies


Unit Two: Scientists Who Talk to the Public

Robots and AI



Unit One: Sensation and Perception

Key Vocabulary: perception, sensation, synesthesia, illusion, awareness, attention, visual, auditory, whodunnit

Unit Two: The Brain and the Nervous System

Key Vocabulary: cerebral cortex, cerebellum, cranium, spinal cord, nervous system, synaspse, neurotransmitter, dopamine, serotonin

Unit Three: Social Psychology

Key Vocabulary: body language, empathy, facial expression, cultural intelligence, gesture, offensive, cross cultural communication

Unit Four: Developmental Psychology

Key Vocabulary: learning disability, ADHD, aspergers syndrome, autism, psychosocial development, cognitive development, adolescense

Unit Five: Addiction

Key Vocabulary: opiods, withdrawal, treatment, compulsive, dependence, chronic, euphoria, habbit-forming, fatigue

Unit Six: Abnormal Psychology