Course Outline - Subject to Change
Week One
Wed1-18LECTURE Review of General Chemistry One
Initial Assessments
Week Two
Mon1-23LECTURE Mathematics for Chemistry
Wed1-25Quiz One - Review Topics
LECTURE Chemical Kinetics: The study of the speed at which reactions take place and the factors that control reaction rates.
Week Three
Mon1-30LECTURE Chemical Kinetics: Effect of Temperature, Reaction Mechanisms, Catalysis
Wed2-1LECTURE Introduction to the Laboratory
LAB: Check-In, Reaction Rates and Activation Energy
Week Four
Mon2-6Quiz Two: Chemical Kinetics
LECTURE Chemical Equilibrium: The study of the balance that occurs between a reaction moving forward towards products and the reverse reaction which converts products back to reactants. Equilibrium Constant, Reaction Quotient
Wed2-8LECTURE Finding Equilibrium Concentrations, Chemical Equilibrium: Le Châtelier's Principle
LAB: Chemical Equilibrium - Le Châtelier's Principle
Week Five
Mon2-13LECTURE Acids and Bases: Definitions, Ka, Autoionization of water, Calculating pH
Wed2-15LECTURE Acid Strength and Molecular Structure, Polyprotic Acids
LAB: Determination of Equilibrium Constant by Spectrophotometry
Week Six
Mon2-20President's Day - No Classes
Wed2-22LECTURE Solubility and Solubility Products - Ksp
Lab Report Number One is Due
Week Seven
Mon2-27Quiz Three: Chemical Equilibria, Acids and Bases
LECTURE Complex Ion Formation - Kf
Wed3-1LAB: Measuring the Solubility Product of Silver Chromate
Week Eight
Mon3-6LECTURE Titrations and Buffers
Wed3-8LAB: Properties of Buffers
Week Nine
Mon3-13Exam One: Kinetics, Chemical Equilibria, Acids and Bases
LECTURE Thermodynamics: Review of the Zeroth and First Law of Thermodynamics, Enthalpy
Free Energy, Entropy
Wed3-15LECTURE Thermodynamics: The Relationship Between Thermodynamics and Equilibrium
Week Ten
Mon3-20LAB: Determination of the Thermodynamic Parameters for the Solvation of Borax
Wed3-22Quiz Four: Thermodynamics
LECTURE Electrochemistry: Redox Reactions
Week Eleven
Mon3-27LECTURE Electrochemistry: Electrical Potential and Equilibrium Constants
Wed3-29LECTURE Electrochemistry: Batteries
Lab Report Number Two is Due
Week Twelve
Mon4-3LAB: Electrochemistry
Wed4-5Exam Two: Thermodynamics and Electrochemistry
LECTURE Radioactivity and Nuclear Chemistry: Discovery, Types of Radioactivity, Kinetics of Decay
Spring Break - No Classes This Week.
Week Thirteen
Mon4-17LECTURE Radioactivity and Nuclear Chemistry: Fission and Fusion, Transuranium Elements, Effects of Radiation on Life
Wed4-19Quiz Five: Nuclear Chemistry
LECTURE Transition Metals and Coordination Chemistry: Nomenclature, Bonding, d-orbitals
Week Fourteen
Mon4-24LECTURE Transition Metals and Coordination Chemistry: Isomerization, Crysal Field Theory
Wed4-26LAB: Coordination Compounds
Week Fifteen
Mon5-1Quiz Six: Transition Elements and Coordination Compounds
Wed5-3Exam Three: Nuclear Chemistry, Transition Elements, Coordination Compounds
Course Review
LAB: Check Out and Clean Up
Lab Report Number Three is Due
Week Sixteen
Mon5-8Comprehensive Final Exam
Wed5-10Mandatory Grade Conferences