Chemistry 203 Grading Policy

Your Grade will be based on:

Grading Scale
Letter GradePercentage
Fbelow 60%
ADW**Administrative Withdrawal
NSW***No Show Withdrawal

*I (Incomplete) is a non-grade received by students who have actively pursued the course and are doing passing work at the end of the course, but who have not completed the course's final examination and/or other specific course assignments.

**ADW (Administrative Withdrawal) is given to any student who is not actively pursuing the course objectives will be administratively withdrawn from the course at mid-term. An ADW will be given if a student does not complete at least 70% of all assignments; homework, exams, laboratories, quizzes due prior to mid-term by the mid-term date. Since make up work is NOT permitted this means that attendance is extremely important and excessive absences will most likely result in an ADW.

***NSW (No Show Withdrawal) is given to any student who misses the first two classes and does not discuss with me the circumstances of these absenses will be given an NSW after the second class. A student who attends the first class and then fails to attend the next two classes and fails to discuss with me the circumstances of these absences will be given an NSW. Any student who misses more than half of the classes in the first two weeks of the term will also be given an NSW if we do not discuss the circumstances of these absences. In my discussion with you I will determine if it is feasible for you to sucessfully pursue the course objectives under whatever circumstances are causing you to miss class. Your success is very important to me and I know, from years of experience, that your success depends on your commitment and ability to attend the class and participate in all activities.

Active Pursuit

Active Pursuit is defined as consistent attendance, communication with the instructor in person or by email about any absences, completion of assignments on time, commuincation with the instructor about any difficulties completing assignments on time, participating in class, taking quizzes and exams and performing laboratory experiments as assigned. Any student who misses two consecutive classes is at risk for being considered as not actively pursuing the class. The best strategy to handle any unforseen circumstances is to communicate as soon as possible with the instructor.

Make-Up Policy

Make-Up work is not permitted under any circumstances. This includes but is not limited to hospitalization, deaths in the family, illness, family emergencies. Life happens to everyone. If circumstances arise that prevent you from actively participating in all aspects of this course please let me know. There is no substitute for attending classes regularly and on time. Please choose someone else in the class that will be able to exchange notes with you in the event either of you misses class. You are responsible for all missed announcements, assignments and class work. Please do not use the phrase "I didn't know" to excuse any missed work. Check the website often. Announcements and assignments are posted and updated regularly.

Success in the Laboratory

Preparation: The moment lab begins is not an ideal time to begin to read a laboratory. You need to read the laboratory ahead of time and look up the meaning of any unfamiliar vocabulary.

Lab Reports: Laboratory reports are formal writing assignments and need to be taken seriously. You are expected to turn laboratory reports in on time, with all questions answered clearly and legibly and all pages neatly stapled (not folded or mutilated) together. Points will be deducted for late reports, messy reports, incomplete sentences and poor grammar/spelling, handwriting that is difficult to read. Points will also be deducted for errors in content.