Chemistry 121 Course Outline/Syllabus
  Date  TopicText Reference
Week 1
Aug. 24
An Introduction to Chemistry: Scientific Method, Classifying MatterChapter 1 and Chapter 3 (to 3.4)
Week 1
Aug. 26
Measurement: Metric System, Significant FiguresChapter 2
Week 2
Aug. 31
Measurement: Scientific NotationChapters 2
LAB: Equipment Inventory; Getting Started in the Laboratory; Drawing Laboratory Apparatus; 
Week 2
Sept. 2
Quiz One
Dimensional Analysis: Metric to Metric conversions, Metric to English conversions, English to Metric conversions, Temperature
Chapter 2
LAB: Measurement;  
Sept. 7Labor Day Holiday 
Week 3
Sept. 9
Quiz Two
Elements and Compounds: Symbols and Names, Periodic Table
Chapter 4
LAB: Accuracy and Precision; 
Week 4
Sept. 14
Density: Calculating Density, Interpreting Density Values, Mass by Difference, Volume by Difference, Difference between Mass and WeightChapter 2
LAB: Density; 
Week 4
Sept. 16
Quiz Three
Properties of Matter: Physical and Chemical Changes
Energy and Heat
Chapter 4
LAB: Separation of Salt and Sand 
Week 5
Sept. 21
Problem Solving and ReviewChapters 1,2,4
LAB: Chocolate Mousse and Carbonated Water; Observing Chemical and Physical Changes
ACTIVITY: Element Business Cards
Week 5
Sept. 23
Quiz Four
Energy: Heat Transfer and Specific Heat
Chapter 3
LAB: Caloric Energy of a Cheeto 
Week 6
Sept. 28
Energy: Heat Transfer ProblemsChapter 3
LAB: Identification of an Unknown Metal 
Week 6
Sept. 30
Exam One (1-4)Chapters 1,2,3,4
Week 7
Oct. 5
Nomenclature of Inorganic Compounds: Polyatomic Ions, Binary compounds, Acids, Covalent CompoundsChapter 5
Formal Lab Report Due and Lab Notebooks will be collected. 
Week 7
Oct. 7
Quiz Five
Modern Atomic Theory: Quantum Mechanics and Periodic Trends
Chapter 9
Week 8
Oct. 12
Chemical Bonding Lewis Structures, Covalent Bonds, Molecular StructureChapter 10
Week 8
Oct. 14
Quiz Six
Molecular Geometry
Chapter 10
LAB: Molecular Geometry and Shape 
Week 9
Oct. 19
Review and Preparation for Exam Two 
LAB: Hydrates 
Week 9
Oct. 21
Exam Two (5,9,10)
Quantitative Composition of Compounds: Mole, Molar Mass, Percent Composition

Chapter 6
Week 10
Oct. 26
Reactions: Single Replacement ReactionsChapter 7
LAB: Single Replacement Reactions 
Week 10
Oct. 28
Quiz Seven
Quantitative Calculations: Mole, Molar Mass
Chapter 8
Week 11
Nov. 2
Stoichiometry: Mole-Mole, Mole-Mass, Mass-MassChapter 8
LAB: Metathesis Reactions 
Week 11
Nov. 4
Quiz Eight
Percent Yield
Limiting Reactants
Stoichiometry Problem Solving
LAB: Stoichiometric Determination of the Formation of Copper (II) Oxide 
Week 12
Nov. 9
More Stoichiometry Practice 
Week 12
Nov. 11
Exam Three (6-8)Chapter 11
Week 13
Nov. 16
Kinetic Molecular Theory of Gases, Combined Gas Law, Ideal Gas Law
Week 13
Nov. 18
LAB: Preparation and Properties of Carbon DioxideChapter 11
Week 14
Nov. 23
Gas Law Problem Solving Practice
Chapter 13
Week 15
Nov. 25
Acid and BasesChapter 14
Week 15
Nov. 30
Exam Four (11, 13, 14) 
Week 15
Dec. 2
Laboratory Notebooks Due! All assignments are due! 
Week 16
Dec. 7
Comprehensive Exit Exam 
Week 16
Dec. 9
Final Grade Conferences 

Note: All laboratories will be provided online as pdf files. You will need a laboratory notebook.