Chemistry 201 Syllabus

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Course Outline: Dates are shown for both the MW and the TTh sections.
Dates for Both SectionsTopic
Aug 28th Mon, Aug 29th TuesTOPIC: Introductions, Course Description, Policies and Procedures, Review of Basic Chemistry
Pre-Course Assessment: You will be given a short multiple choice test that will NOT be used for your grade but will help you determine if you have the prerequisites needed for this course. You will be provided with your score. You will then be able to decide how best to suceed in the course. We have many resources including a science center staffed with tutors.
Attention! Before our class begins please review the Course Objectives for Basic Chemistry - the prerequisite for this course.. Please work through this review worksheet and then go over your answers and review any questions you could not answer. It is very important that you memorize the names and formulas of the polyatomic ions.
Aug 30th Wed, Aug 31st ThursTOPIC: Introduction: Matter and Measurement (scientific method, classification of matter, physical and chemical changes, metric units, unit analysis, density, percent composition, significant figures)
LAB: Check-In, Lab Safety, Mystery White Powder
Sept 5th Tues, Sept 6th WedTOPIC: Atoms, Molecules and Ions (nuclear atom, chemical elements, periodic table, mole/mass calculations)
Sept 7th Thurs, Sept 11th MonTOPIC: Maintaining a Laboratory Notebook, Recording Obervations, Drawing Diagrams, Organizing Data, Writing Conclusions and Reflections
LAB: Simple Qualitative Analysis
Sept 12th Tues, Sept 13th WedQuiz One: Basic Chemistry Review
TOPIC: Molecules, Compounds and Chemical Equations (nomenclature, chemical composition, classifying and balancing chemical equations)
Sept 14th Thurs, Sept 18th MonTOPIC: Chemical Reactions and Reaction Stoichiometry (predicting products, activity series, solubility properties)
LAB: Single and Double Displacement Reactions
Sept 19th Tues, Sept 20th WedTOPIC: Stoichiometry
Sept 21st Thurs, Sept 25th MonTOPIC: Problem Solving (stoichiometry)
LAB: Qualitative Analysis
Sept 26th Tues, Sept 27th WedQuiz Two: Chemical Reactions and Stoichiometry
TOPIC: Acid-Base and Redox Reactions
Sept 28th Thurs, Oct 2nd MonRedox Practice
LAB: Some Nonmetals and Their Compounds - Preparation and Properties
Oct 3rd Tues, Oct 4th WedTOPIC: Reactions in Aqueous Solutions (solutions, precipitation, acid-base, redox, stoichiometry, titrations)
Oct 5th Thurs, Oct 9th MonTOPIC: Reactions in Aqueous Solutions (focus on redox)
LAB: The Alkaline Earths and the Halogens
Oct 10th Tues, Oct 11th WedQuiz Three: Solutions
Review for Exam
Oct 12th Thurs, Oct 16th MonExam One: Metric Conversions, Significant Figures, Chemical Equations, Mass Relationships, Stoichiometry
TOPIC: Introduction to Gas Behavior (gas pressure, simple gas laws, ideal gas law)
Oct 17th Tues, Oct 18th WedGases (gas stoichiometry, gas mixtures, Kinetic-Molecular Theory of Gases)
Oct 19th Thurs, Oct 23rd MonLAB: Molar Volume of Hydrogen
Oct 24th Tues, Oct 25th WedQuiz Four: Gases
TOPIC: Thermochemistry (Four Laws, Energy and Heat)
Oct 26th Thurs, Oct 30th MonThermodynamics (Heat Transfer, Calorimetry)
Oct 31st Tues, Nov 1st WedTOPIC: Thermochemistry (Hess's Law, Standard Enthalpies of Formation, Bond Enthalpies, Fuels)
Nov 2nd Thurs, Nov 6th MonQuiz Five: Thermodynamics
TOPIC: Thermodynamics
LAB: Introduction to Thermodynamics in the Laboratory
Nov 7th Tues, Nov 8th WedQuiz Six: Thermodynamics: Hess's Law
Problem Solving Practice
Lab notebooks are due. (Rubric)
Nov 9th Thurs, Nov 13th MonExam Two
Nov 14th Tues, Nov 15th WedTOPIC: Introduction to Quantum Theory
LAB ACTIVITY: Photoelectric Effect
Nov 16th Thurs, Nov 20th MonTOPIC: Quantum Numbers, Atomic Structure and Periodic Properties
LAB ACTIVITY: Atomic Spectra
Nov 21st Tues, Nov 22nd WedQuiz Seven: Light and Quantum Theory
TOPIC: Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
LAB ACTIVITY: Graphing Ionization Energies
Nov 27th Mon, Nov 28th TuesTOPIC: Molecular Geometry
LAB ACTIVITY: Molecular Geometry and Shape
Nov 29th Wed, Nov 30th ThursQuiz Eight: Molecular Geometry
TOPIC: Intermolecular Forces: Phase Diagrams
Dec 4th Mon, Dec 5th TuesTOPIC: Solutions: Properties and Expressions of Concentration
LAB ACTIVITY: Heating and Cooling Curves
Lab Check Out and Clean Up
Dec 6th Wed, Dec 7th ThursExam Three
All homework, lab activities and extra assignments are due! This is the last day to turn in anything.
Dec 11th Mon, Dec 12th TuesComprehensive Final Examination
Dec 13th Wed, Dec 14th ThursMandatory Final Grade Conference

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